Have you ever put on folk costumes? Which ones? Tell us about them! Learn about them and write us and describe how they look. I am already curious about your answers. Read more
You will find mostly girls looking at the mirror. They like to put some accessories, something interesting, therefore they try to combine ancient and folklore with current styles. They also think, that hair cuts are important as well. Most of all - I like pigtails!
Ronjas ģērbtuve

Ronjas skolā skolēni valkā formas tērpus. Tas sastāv no tumši zilas vestes ar skolas simboliku, blūzes un lakatiņa ap kaklu. Vilkt bikses vai svārkus – tā ir katra paša izvēle. Arī sporta tērpi Ronjas skolā visiem ir vienādi.

Ronja 10 Years old