If you are willing to listen, if you are interested, what happens around you and you want to tell your story, do not hesitate to come in. You are welcomed to become a friend! This house is enlivened and enriched by children and they have a lot to tell about people and country their parents come from and how they feel here, in our common home - Latvia. Read more
Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Georgian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian girls and boys will open your mind. If you are impatient, it is left up to you to open the doors of the house to meet the story telling time. You come into the wardrobe, where you can find folklore clothes, accessories and other things that will help you to enrich your look and style; into the kitchen, where different smells, spices and recipes are waiting for you as well as sweets from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia or one of the Caucasian country. In the library you can read books, watch films or listen to music which are reviewed by other children and teenagers, but in the roof you can get to know how to create interesting things or what other children can to do.

Send us your story - sign up in the guest book in the living room and send us your story. We offer you different possibilities - taking part in the competition "Friend's tales", sending us stories and enrich the information about the countries, sending us your traveling experience or photographies, clips, drawings or collages...

Everyone who send his/her story with the completed registration sheet, becomes a friend of us and receives an aplication with a code, and can take part in our competitions and win interesting awards.
Follow the rules and the news board.

This house will be enlived from December till June - we will find out our common experiences and going to search hidden differences telling about these to our friends.

The story telling house is brought to you by the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, Latvian Language Agency and the Latvian National Library. The basement was done by Latvian Republic Ministry of Education and Science and the the Soros fundation Latvia.

Friend's tales is a project realized by publishing house " Liels un Mazs", "Ideju forums" association, language school "Skrivanek Baltic", Rigas Estonian secoundary school, Riga lithuanian secoundary school and Ita Kozakevicha Latvian National cultural association.

So, so! Nearly everything happened without me! Lets get to know each other, I am the eternity inhabitant. So old that I even cannot remember how old. Noone can see me, but I am and listen, see and feel what happens here. There are a lot of interesting things although I do not understand everything. Nevertheless, I have experienced a lot, I often become doubtful and undedicated. I like it, when someone convinces me. Sometimes I bother others, because I want to clarify something that I didn't understand. But I reaaaaly like what is happening here. What's my name? I am the Story trifle.


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