What is happening here? Liva and Anita are discussing about some events on the sofa. Where have they been? Was it worth it? I like staying at home, watching at the ceiling and listening to silence. But in this room silence is a rare thing 'cos our friends play games here, so you see that plenty of interesting things can be done together in this room. The living room is opened for everyone for playing, telling stories, suggesting events.
Send us your story, game instructions, recommendations about a film, theatre play or concert. Especially we are waiting for multicultural ideas. Write us! We are waiting! Read more
Our friends like to sit down on the sofa together with guests or other friends of the house in the living room, talk about the events they have visited. They all are telling, telling and telling, because they have not experienced everything yet. If you do not know where to go, have a look what we recommend you to visit. Sometimes I think - was it worth to see everything? I really like to stay at home, to watch the roof and to listen to silence. But silence is a rare thing, because the floor is often making noises. Since our friends know a lot of national games, they like to teach us.
Every month different national Storytelling evenings are taking place, so you can find out more about the Baltic or Caucasian cultures. Furthermore, every month different competitions are taking place as well, for example, enliving the web site by finding interesting facts, asking questions and waiting for the answers. Watch out - everything is just starting!

But the most interesting is the guest book. There you can sign up if you want to become a friend of our house, who wants to tell his/her story.

If you want to ask us something or you want to tell us something about yourself,for example, about the way you live, what do you like and what do you do with your friends, write us and also we will know it. Maybe you have tried out a delicious recipe or you want to recommend a recently read book - come in and tell us! What about nice pictures and videos you have taken? Send it to us! We are looking forward to it!
In our chest we have a lot of competitions! Of course - with awards!

To take part in the competition, send us your story, photo, video, sign up in the guest book, get your code and get your own "Friends' stories" certificate. Search for your stories in each room's part “your story”.

1. Competition
Friends' stories! Choose one of the sayings and write your own story. You can find Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Georgian, Azerbaijanian and Armenian sayings. The competition takes place till April 14, but the winners will meet in the summer camp in August.

2. Competition
If you want to come along – send us information about one of the Baltic-Caucasian countries, which, to your mind, would greatly fit in our home. Your story might be a story, a photo, a video, a drawing... If this story is great, we will put it on our web site, meanwhile, we are inviting you to our national evenings, where you can get to know other friends and where a lot of interesting things take place.
Write us and send us your works by sending us your code, the room's name, in which we should put the information. To understand better what fits in each room, read my thoughts about each room.
Guest book
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