Oh!It smells so good here! The kitchen is the most admirable place in the world. Here you will find your friends, because all of them are gourmets, who like sweets. Some of them are highly recommended. Maybe you know a recipe as well? Maybe you can create something special? Maybe you have eaten on a trip something so special, that it would never appear in your dreams? Write us! Sent us photos and clips. The story houses inhabitants are eager to know something new, too! Sent us - we are waiting! Read more
But when they are telling about food comming from one special place it becomes interesting! Some never-heard names, special spices and flavours are often mentioned during these conversations. All friends are very interested in cooking food that is prepared in different Baltic and Caucasian countries and that represents different cultures.
Dārtas našķi

Šokolāde Karūna ir ļooti garšīga. Esmu to iemīļojusi. Gards ir arī saldais ēdiens šakotis. Tas ir tāds kā pīrāgs. Lietuviešu tradicionālais ēdiens ir cepelīni un no dzērieniem kvass.

Dārta 15 Years old